Faculty of Arts, Communication and Education

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Be the Global Communicator of the future

The Faculty of Arts, Communication and Education (FACE) offers programmes in Communication, English Language and Education. FACE recognises the need for professionals with dynamic communication skills as well as effective teaching skills to support today’s corporate, business and education sectors. The programmes offered pave your path to a successful career as a professional. Our programmes are designed with a genuine understanding to meet industry requirements for highly professional personnel in various fields. The programmes offered are versatile and support a vast range of career prospects.


To produce versatile and well-adapted graduates who can contribute effectively in the fields of communication, language and education.


Provide enriching experiential learning that goes beyond the frontiers of the classroom so as to equip students with the necessary knowledge, and enhance language and communication skills to meet market demands.

Field of Study

Progression Pathway

Academic Directory

Name Designation Room 03-87383388
Ext No.
Email address
Department of Language Studies
Assoc Prof. Dr.Christiantine Della Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and Internationalisation) Chancellery 227 chris@iukl.edu.my
Jason Andrew Polko Chief Librarian 203,Academic Block 351 jason@iukl.edu.my
Pramita Kaur Sidhu Head, Department of Language Studies A216 791 pramita@iukl.edu.my
Khasminder Singh A/l Kawan Singh Head, Intensive English Programme A214 852 khasminder@iukl.edu.my
Ms Noor Azian Fakurazi Lecturer A213 746 azian@iukl.edu.my
Zeena Mahmood Ameen Lecturer A215 779 zeena@iukl.edu.my
Norherizan Abd Moen Lecturer A219 778 norherizan.moen@iukl.edu.my
Bahri Bin Bahar Asst. Lecturer A318 866 bahri@iukl.edu.my
Dusshantini Sivaraman Asst. Lecturer A324 718 dusshantini@iukl.edu.my
Mohammad Nor Nazmi Abdul Razak Lecturer A220 356 nazmi.razak@iukl.edu.my
Dr Indrani Ramachandran Lecturer 215 771 indrani.ramachandran@iukl.edu.my
Department of Communication
Prof. Dr. Faridah Ibrahim Executive Dean A003 599 faridah@iukl.edu.my
Munirah Ilias Head, Department of Communication A217 862 munirah@iukl.edu.my
Amli Hazlin Ahmad Mokhtar Head, Postgraduate Programme (Communication) CPS 657 amli@iukl.edu.my
Suhida Hani bt Suid Head of Programme (DCC) A305 879 suhida@iukl.edu.my
Dr. Norzita Yunus Senior Lecturer A212 865 norzita@iukl.edu.my
Dil Froz Jan bt Sayed Halem Shah Lecturer A213 746 dilfroz@iukl.edu.my
Mohd Hellis Mohd Som Lecturer A311 790 hellis@iukl.edu.my
En.Meor Daniel Danker Lecturer A318 866 meor@iukl.edu.my
Nor Azzura Azizul Azman Lecturer A323 858 norazzura.azizulazman@iukl.edu.my
Nur Aqeela Mohamad Annuar Asst. Lecturer A323 858 aqeela@iukl.edu.my
Kho Suet Nie  Lecturer A323 858
Department of Education
Dr. Karthiyaini Devarajoo Head, Department of Education A218 747 karthi@iukl.edu.my
Prof. Dr. Siti Maziha Mustapha Head of Postgraduate Programme (Education) CPS 352 maziha@iukl.edu.my
Assoc Prof. Dr.Seloamoney Senior Lecturer A002 792 seloamoney@iukl.edu.my
Suraya Amirrudin HOP BA TESOL A212 865 suraya@iukl.edu.my
Harold Poong Wan Hing Lecturer A221 726 harold@iukl.edu.my
Low Chan Mee Lecturer A219 778 cammy@iukl.edu.my
Tengku Idzyan Nurain Tengku Idris Lecturer A305 879 tidzyan@iukl.edu.my
Rahimah Saimin A213 746 rahimah.saimin@iukl.edu.my
En. Idris Safar Academic Executive A205 739 idris@iukl.edu.my
Nor Izani bt Abd Razak Admin Assistant A205 507 norizani@iukl.edu.my
Rofisham Jamaludin Lab Technician A205 507 rofisham@iukl.edu.my