Simple Facts about COVID-19

We read and hear about the COVID-19 or Corona Virus everywhere but for sure there are difficult words and medical terms used that are hard to understand. So let’s simplify things in simple words just to make it easier for us to get a brief idea and be more alert of what is happening!

COVID-19, also known as Corona Virus is a virus or disease that was said to circulate among animals and known to infect humans. Bats were said to be the natural host for this virus but yet several other animals are also said to be a source.

However, the virus is now spreading worldwide and more cases are reported all around the world every day. Every single one of us is at risk to be infected.

The COVID-19 first emerged in late November 2019 when the virus was reported in Wuhan, China. The outbreak then started to spread to a number of countries. New cases are reported every day  and the numbers are rising rapidly and so are the deaths tolls.

And very recently, Malaysia’s government has announced the Restriction Movement Order (RMO) which started from the 18th to 31st March. But as the number of cases and deaths increased, the RMO was extended to 14th April. The period may prolong according to the cases reported in the coming days.

As of now, there is no vaccine or specific treatment for the disease. The entire population is under the possibility of getting infected.

Well, there is the term ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Which, in this case, is a very good term to refer to. This virus is no joke as you are risking your life if you are infected!

We should really practice all the preventive measures we read everywhere.  Good hygiene habits and other steps given. No one can protect you other than you, yourself.

Let’s run through the basics shall we?

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. You can also use the hand sanitizer if you are out and about. The virus can survive for several hours on surfaces such as tables, door knobs, lift buttons, shopping cart handles. These are simple examples of things that are frequently touched out there.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. The virus enters your body easily through these parts of the body.
  • The virus seems to be transmitted mainly via respiratory droplets, so do cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.
  • Social distancing. Distance yourself from people. Avoid crowds.

To be safe, just avoid going out at all if you have no important business to attend to. Stay at home!

If you don’t already know, these are the symptoms that are developed should you be infected:

  • Fever
  • Dry cough / sore throat
  • Shortness of breath / difficulty breathing
  • Muscle pain
  • Tiredness

For current updates on COVID-19 in Malaysia, you can refer to the links below.

Official Portal - Ministry of Health

Official Facebook - Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC)

FAQs on all activities during the Restriction Movement Order period

Since the Restriction Movement Order was announced, the University has been closed since the 18th of March. We will be closed until the government announces that it is safe for operations to continue as usual.

The university is closed to follow the instructions given by the government. As of now, it is safe to say that IUKL’s staff and students are free from the virus as there are no reports. We hope that everyone of us will take extra care to protect ourselves and others.

The university is closed until further notice. You can drop a line to the university’s general email at [email protected]. We will connect you to the department/faculty/personnel to assist you on the matters you have in hand.

Yes. As you are new, it is best to attend the induction programme. During the induction programme, you will be provided detailed information on all the things you need to know about the university. However, as the university is closed at this moment, the induction programme will be postponed to a later date which will be announced later.

Classes and lectures for the June / July intake will start on the 17th of June. All will be conducted online. Do contact the Head of Programme for assistance. For updates, do refer to the student portal.

Yes you can. Our June / July intake is still-on-going. The last date to register is 14th August 2020. Drop an email to [email protected] and we will guide you through.

Registration & Admission for NEW STUDENTS


Submit your applications via email to [email protected]. You will be updated via email on the application progress.


You will be provided with the manual for online registration. Follow the manual to register.

Course Registration:

Do follow the instructions given in the manual. If you face any difficulties, you can email the respective Head of Programme. Refer to the directory in the student portal.


(How to progress from Diploma/Foundation/Degree/Master to the next level of studies)


Please email your final examination results and the name of the programme you wish to pursue to [email protected]. You request will be processed and you will be updated via email.


For returning students, please ensure that a minimum payment for the course registration is paid and any outstanding amount has been cleared before you proceed with the online registration. Should you have any questions or issues regarding payments, kindly drop an email to [email protected].

Course Registration:

Do follow the instruction given in the manual. If you face any difficulties, you can email the respective Head of Programme. Refer to the directory in the student portal.

Academic Probation & Dismissal Status

Fill in the ‘Appeal for Dismissal’ form. You can get the form from the student portal.

Submit the form via email to your respective Head of Programme. You will get updates on the application progress via email.


If you wish to postpone your studies for this semester (March 2020), do fill in the postponement form. You can get the form from the student portal.

Submit the form via email to [email protected]. You will get updates on the application progress via email.


Drop an email to our Head of Enrolment, Records & Admin (Registrar Office), Mr Azman Hasbullah ([email protected]), stating your request.

Do include your Matric Number and IC Number/Passport Number (for International Students). Your request will be processed and you will get updates on the application progress via email.

Request for documents & certificates

Drop an email to our Head of Enrolment, Records & Admin (Registrar Office), Mr Azman Hasbullah, stating your request.

Do include your Matric Number and IC Number/Passport Number (for International Students). Your request will be processed and you will get updates on the application progress via email.

For announcements and updates, do check the student portal, IUKL website and social media. You can also contact us via email, website live chat, university’s WhatsApp number and all other platforms available.

Kindly refer to the right source so that you are not misinformed.

Stay put where you are as you are not allowed to travel at this point of time. Do note that the De Centrum Mall is opened should you need to get the required necessities and daily supplies.

Please be safe when you go out for grocery shopping. Do practice the safety measures shared. If you need not be out, stay indoors, stay safe!

As we are concerned about the students who did not make it back to their hometown and are staying at IUKL accommodation, the Residence Management has taken the initiative to provide you 3 meals a day. You can collect your packed food at IKRAM Lodge. Do bring along your student ID with you.

Kindly be reminded to practice social distancing and other safety precautions when you come to collect your food.

We hope this simple gesture will be able to help a little bit during this testing time.

You can contact us via website live chat, drop an email to the general email at [email protected] or drop a text via WhatsApp to 0193883435. We will assist you as much as we can.

If you are looking for the specific personnel to contact, do refer below:

Faculty of Engineering, Science & Technology

Assoc. Prof Ir Mohd Nasir HussinDean[email protected]
Dr Zulhazmee BakriHead of Programme (Civil Engineering & Construction)[email protected]
Ima SulaimanHead of Programme (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)[email protected]
Ida Rasyada DaudHead of Programme (Mechanical & Automotive Engineering)[email protected]
Hafiza AhmadHead of Programme (Computer Science)[email protected]
Suhaila Mohd NordinHead of Programme (Information Technology & Software Engineering)[email protected]
Aizat Mohd RazaliHead of Programme (Science)[email protected]

Faculty of Architecture & Built Environment

Hj. Md. Pilus Md. NoorDean[email protected]
Rizal HusinHead of Programme (BSc Architecture)[email protected]
Zairila Juria Zainal AbidinHead of Programme (Diploma Architecture)[email protected]
Nur Azwanie NordinHead of Programme (Landscape Architecture)[email protected]
Radzmah OthmanHead of Programme (Real Estate Management)[email protected]
Puteri Sidrotul Nabihah SaaraniHead of Programme (Quantity Surveying)[email protected]
Sr Ts Muhammad Zaihafiz Zainal AbidinHead of Programme (Construction Management)[email protected]

Faculty of Business, Information & Human Sciences

Dr. Nor Hazila Mohd ZainDean[email protected]
Nur Afiqah Mohamad AdnanHead of Programme (Business & Management)[email protected]
Dr Chan Sai KeongHead of Programme (Business E-Commerce)[email protected]
Nur Zulaikha Binti SamsudinHead of Programme (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)[email protected]
Suhaida IshakHead of Programme (Sports Management)[email protected]
Nor Hasikin MamatHead of Programme (Accounting)[email protected]
Vigneswari KalidasHead of Programme (Economics & Finance)[email protected]
Suhida Hani SuidHead of Programme (Communication)[email protected]
Suraya AmirrudinHead of Programme (Arts & Education)[email protected]
Soraya TairanHead of Programme (Information Technology)[email protected]

Centre for Foundation and General Studies

Nalinah A/P PoongavanamDirector & Head of Programme:
General Studies (MPU Subjects)
[email protected]
Zeena Mahmood AmeenHead of Programme:
Intensive English Programme (IEP)
English Preparatory Course (EPC)
[email protected]

Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Research

Dr. Norzita YunusDean[email protected]
Dr Norhaiza NordinHead of Postgraduate Programme (Civil Engineering & Water Resources)[email protected]
Dr Sazwan Syafiq MazlanHead of Postgraduate Programme (Electronics Engineering)[email protected]
Dr. Tadiwa Elisha NyamasvisvaHead of Postgraduate Programme (Information Technology)[email protected]
Dr. Golnoosh ManteghiHead of Postgraduate Programme (Built Environment)[email protected]
Ar Mohd Hayazi AgusiHead of Postgraduate Programme (Architecture)[email protected]
Dr. Zulkefli Muhamad HanapiyahHead of Postgraduate Programme (Business Administration)[email protected]
Prof. Dr. Faridah IbrahimHead of Postgraduate Programme (Communication)[email protected]
Prof. Dr. Siti Maziha MustaphaHead of Postgraduate Programme (Education)[email protected]

You can also refer the full directory list given in the student portal.


Since the Movement Control Order was announced (MCO) on the 16th of March, travelling plans are a major concern for everyone. Travelling to and out of Malaysia has been restricted. In fact, travelling between states is also not advisable.

International students are mostly affected as they are either in Malaysia or back in their home countries as we were still on semester break when the announcement was made.

As no travelling is allowed during this period of time, it is advised that all travelling plans are cancelled until further notice. We cannot advise as to when travelling can be arranged as we have no idea on how much longer this outbreak will last.

If you are still in your home country, it is advisable that you defer the semester. Only students who are already in Malaysia can continue for this current intake.

International students who needs assistance or clarification on your travelling plans, passport matters, visa renewals and such, please contact the following personnel via email:

Madam Jazilla Abdullah : [email protected]

Mr Shah Rezam : [email protected]