Alumni Benefits:

Career Development

IUKL Career Development Unit is committed to empower our future graduates to achieve their professional goals and succeed in today's competitive job market. Our comprehensive resources and personalised support are designed to guide future graduate through every step of their career journey.

1. Job Opportunities

We provide access to a wide range of internship and full-time job opportunities through our extensive network of industry partners.

2. Career Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions to assist students and alumni in exploring career paths, developing effective job search strategies, and refining their professional skills.

3. Career Development Programmes

Throughout the academic year, we organize various workshops, seminars, and networking events to enhance students' career readiness and professional development.

4. Employer Engagement

We foster meaningful connections between students and employers through career fairs, on-campus recruiting events, employer information sessions, and alumni networking opportunities.

5. Alumni Support

Our commitment to our students extends beyond graduation. Alumni are encouraged to take advantage of our resources and services as they navigate their careers and pursue further professional growth.