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New Intake : 13 July 2023

Returning students: 17 July 2023

Bursary Department is going Cashless


Education should be an enjoyable learning experience. ?

With a diverse student population and passionate faculties, learning is not only fun but a rewarding journey at IUKL.

Student Resources

Attending to your tuition fees on time is important in ensuring your semester doesn't get interrupted. Here are the payment options available to you.

We make your study more affordable. Various grants and scholarships are available to help you with financing your education.

There are more than 50 clubs and societies, and all their events at IUKL are driven and managed by our students.


Whether you're living on-campus or off-campus, the variety of transportation options available make it easy for students to move around and also travel to nearby locations.


With a welcoming environment, IUKL is transforming into a modern university within the 100-acres new education township. The existing university campus will be upgraded with green features added. The new township promotes the vehicle-free community concept where amenities can be enjoyed within walking distance.