Entry Procedures for International Students

Requirement for Existing International Students to Enter Malaysia

  1. Existing International Students are categorised in two different groups:
    1. International Student with a valid student pass.
      • Existing international Students with a valid student pass are exempted from applying for a Travel Authorization via EMGS to enter Malaysia.
      • These students must ensure that their student pass is valid at the point of entry into Malaysia
    2. International students with an expired student pass.
      • International Students whose pass expired from February 2020 are allowed to enter Malaysia however they must apply and obtain a Travel Authorisation visa EMGS.
      • These students must ensure that their Travel Authorisation approved by the Director General of the Malaysia Immigration Department via EMGS is still valid at the point of the entry into Malaysia.
      • The validity of the Travel Authorization is 3 months from the date of issuance.
      • In an event where the Travel Authorization has expired, the students are required to apply for a new Travel Authorisation via the EMGS website.

Entry procedures for Existing International Students going back to campus as below:

  1. All existing International students who are fully vaccinated are allowed to enter Malaysia.
  2. All international students have to apply for permission to enter Malaysia via Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) at this website https://visa.educationmalaysia.gov.my/guidelines.html
  3. Once the application is approved and the Entry Approval Letter (EAL) is received, please download, save and present it to the officer on duty upon arrival.
  4. International Students originating from countries that require a Single Entry Visa are still required to do so before making their journey to Malaysia.
  5. Ensure a negative result of the RT-PCR COVID19 test forty-eight (48) hours before flying to Malaysia. The RT-PCR COVID-19 test results must be in English so that it can be inspected by the respective authorities at the International Entry Checkpoint.
  6. Download the MySejahtera app and complete all the required information at least three (3) days before arrival.
  7. Make the full payment for mandatory quarantine and RT-PCR COVID19 test online via the MySafeTravel website at https://safetravel.myeg.com.my/ or the MyQR by MyEG application. Then, present the payment slip at the International Entry Checkpoint. Estimated quarantine cost student need to pay:


    Charges for the RT-PCR COVID19 Test at the International Entry Checkpoint and MOH facilities
    COVID 19 Test Fees
    RT-PCR Test (RM250/per test) RM500


    Quarantine Cost Fees
    Accommodation Cost (RM150/day) RM1050 (7days)
    RM1500 (10 days)


  8. International students who are fully vaccinated with a complete dose(s) of COVID-19 vaccination and wish to apply for Home/Residence Quarantine under the Home Surveillance Order (HSO) can submit their application to the Ministry of Health (MOH). Visit https://hso.moh.gov.my/outbreakportal-hqa/index to apply and the application must be made 7-10 days prior of entry into Malaysia. HSO application is subject to approval by MOH.
  9. Charges for the RT-PCR Covid19 test must be paid at https://safetravel.myeg.com.my/ as below:


    Charges for the RT-PCR COVID19 Test at the International Entry Checkpoint and MOH facilities
    COVID 19 Test Fees
    RT-PCT test (RM250/per test) RM250


Students may contact the IUKL International Student Management Centre (ISMC) for further information. Other courses will continue to be conducted online where students can continue learning from home as it is not necessary to return to campus at the moment.

We wish you all the best in continuing your learning journey at IUKL. Take care and stay safe

For further assistance, you may contact:
Mr Shah Rezam Muhamad
International Students Management Centre (ISMC)
[email protected]