Centre for Foundation and General Studies

Overview of School

Be a Diverse Achiever

The Centre for Foundation and General Studies (CFGS) comprises the primary disciplines of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology which support specialised interdisciplinary fields of teaching, research and industry. All academic programmes emphasise the integration of the basic sciences within an interdisciplinary approach with the expressed intention of encouraging research, innovation and the preparation of graduates to work in a diverse range of professional practices. Apart from that, this centre manages common courses (MPU courses), general subjects specializing in Mathematics and Science, as well as the Intensive English programme.


To be a world renowned Infrastructure University.


The Centre for Foundation and General Studies (CFGS) strives for excellence in various fields of infrastructure by providing quality education, advanced knowledge, state-of-the-art technology and excellent professional services.

Field of Study

Academic Directory

No. Staff name Designation Office Email Address
1 Nalinah a/p Poongavanam Director CFGS A329 [email protected]
1 Nalinah a/p Poongavanam HOP Foundation & General Studies (MPU) A329 [email protected]
2 Ms Nurul Syahirah HOP Intensive English Programme (IEP) A316 [email protected]
1 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kong Wei Associate Professor Chancellery Office [email protected]
2 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lim Hock Ann Associate Professor Block 9, IGEO Office [email protected]
3 Lee Su Yee Senior Lecturer A325 [email protected]
4 Tan Tiak Kun Senior Lecturer A327 [email protected]
5 Dr. Gregory Henry Ripan Senior Lecturer A321 [email protected]
6 Dr. Audi Majdan B Kamarul Bahrain Lecturer A318 [email protected]
7 Dr. Juliana Rosmidah Bt Jaafar Lecturer CFGS Office [email protected]
8 Muhammad Rizal B Zakaria Lecturer A321 [email protected]
9 Dr. Nora'asikin Bt Abu Bakar Lecturer A330 [email protected]
10 Naziz Nashriq B Nijar Lecturer A318 [email protected]
11 Nurul Asyikin Bt Azmi Lecturer A302 [email protected]
12 Wan Yahya B Ibrahim @ Wan Yusoff Lecturer A204 [email protected]
13 Wan Norhasila bt Wan Hasan Lecturer A309 [email protected]
14 Asyraf Nadia bt mohd yunus Lecturer A330 [email protected]
15 Eizhan B Ahmad Lecturer A317 [email protected]
16 Khairul B Arifin Lecturer A204 [email protected]
17 Mohd Syazwan B Johari Lecturer A317 [email protected]
18 Siti Nurfarahaein Bt Muhammad Norsiaan English Language Teacher A309 [email protected]
1 Anis Izzati Bt Shuib Admin Assist CFGS Office [email protected]