Faculty of Engineering, Science & Technology (FEST)

Overview of School

Faculty Introduction

Be the Engineer, Scientist and Technologist of tomorrow

The Faculty of Engineering, Science & Technology (FEST) was among the first faculties established in IUKL. The strong industry linkages and the rich history of the university enabled us to groom future engineers, scientists, and technologist to be successful technopreneurs. The FEST is committed to excellence and continuously striving for improvement that makes it one of the more reputable faculties in Malaysia. Our programmes have been carefully designed to encourage and nurture important aspects such as innovation, independence, critical thinking and working towards producing graduates who are both skilled and respected professionals within their chosen field. The optional courses are carefully chosen to complement the core curriculum and are designed to develop communication skills, stimulate creativity and originality which will help students to embrace global perspectives and cultural diversity. These courses are also designed to enhance the programme of study, and most importantly, to cultivate the intellectual curiosity required to be an active lifelong learner.


To establish the Faculty of Engineering, Science & Technology (FEST) as a premier infrastructure engineering, science and technology faculty of outstanding academic, and research excellence.


Deliver the highest quality of engineering, science and technology education that promotes excellence and innovation, ethical practices, responsibility towards society, and encourages entrepreneurship spirit in order to produce professionals with global competitiveness to meet the needs of the society and environment.

Field of Study

Academic Directory

Name Designation Room No Ext. No. 03-8926 6993 Email Address
Prof. Dr. Ideris Zakaria Acting Executive Dean 801 ideris@iukl.edu.my
Civil Engineering and Construction Division
Syed Khairi Syed Abbas HOP Civil & Construction / Lecturer 713 syedkhairi@iukl.edu.my
AP Dr. Manal Mohsen Abood Associate Professor 352 dr.manal@iukl.edu.my
Dr Norhaiza Nordin Senior Lecturer 153 norhaiza.nordin@iukl.edu.my
AP Ir. Mohd Nasir Hussin Associate Professor 665 mohdnasir@iukl.edu.my
Nik Nuraini Nik Azhari Lecturer 679 niknuraini@iukl.edu.my
Dr. ABM Amrul Kaish Lecturer 803 amrul.kaish@iukl.edu.my
Ir. Che' Mat Bahri Kasri Senior Lecturer 716 cmb@iukl.edu.my
Naimah Yusoff Senior Lecturer 712 naimah@iukl.edu.my
Ir. Tengku Anita Raja Hussin Senior Lecturer 597 anita@iukl.edu.my
Nadzifah Che Mat Lecturer 878 nadzifah@iukl.edu.my
Dr. Azlinda Saadon Lecturer 312 azlinda@iukl.edu.my
Dyg. Siti Quraisyah Abg. Adenan Lecturer 762 dyg_quraisyah@iukl.edu.my
Haslina Binti Mohamed Lecturer 881 haslina@iukl.edu.my
Mohd Nizam Shakimon Lecturer 714 nizam@iukl.edu.my
Noorbaya Mohd Salleh Lecturer 880 noorbaya@iukl.edu.my
Wani Kasmiah Mohd Sapuan Lecturer 874 wani@iukl.edu.my
Siti Farah Ezdiani Miasin Lecturer 874 sitifarah@iukl.edu.my
Nor Azidawati Haron Lecturer 881 azidawati@iukl.edu.my
Khairunisah Kamaruzaman Lecturer 762 khairunisah@iukl.edu.my
Zulhazmee Bakri Lecturer 876 zulhazmee@iukl.edu.my
Sr. Gs. Dr. Siti Nur Aliaa Roslan Lecturer 803 sitinuraliaa@iukl.edu.my
Assoc Prof Sr Ranjit Singh Associate Professor 715 ranjit@iukl.edu.my
Hanah Zakariah Lecturer 714 hanah@iukl.edu.my
Nurul Maisarah Ismail Laboratory Executive 717 maisarah@iukl.edu.my
Muhamad Zuhair Abd. Rashid Laboratory Executive 717 zuhair@iukl.edu.my
Nur Arina Abdullah Laboratory Executive 717 nurarina@iukl.edu.my
Budi Iskandar Mazlan Laboratory Executive - budi@iukl.edu.my
Mehcanical & Automotive Engineering Division
Ida Rasyada Binti Daud HOP MAE 267 ida.rasyada@iukl.edu.my
Dr Ng Khai Mun Lecturer 886 ngkmun@iukl.edu.my
Assoc. Prof . Ir Zainal Abidin Bin Wan Chik Assoc Prof 733 zainalabidin.wanchik@iukl.edu.my
Asssoc. Prof. Abdullah Bin Idris Assoc Prof 733 abdullah@iukl.edu.my
Mohd Zamri Bin Ibrahim Lecturer 872 zamri@iukl.edu.my
Sharis-Shazzali Bin Shahimi Lecturer 267 sharis@iukl.edu.my
Annie Yap Ai kin Lecturer 743 annieyap@iukl.edu.my
Ir Wong Yuk San Lecturer 732 yswong@iukl.edu.my
Noorradiyah Binti Ismail Lecturer 794 noorradiyah@iukl.edu.my
Norhaslina Binti Abdul Aziz Lecturer 794 norhaslina@iukl.edu.my
Dr Mai Nursherida Binti Jalaluddin Lecturer 794 nursherida.jalaluddin@iukl.edu.my
Norhafana Binti Mohamed Lecturer 735 norhafana.mohamed@iukl.edu.my
Ir Malek Faizal bin Idrus Lecturer 735 malek@iukl.edu.my
Nor Aznan Bin Mohd Nor Lecturer 735 nor.aznan@iukl.edu.my
Muhammad Haziq Bin Ab. Majid Assistant Lecturer 766 / 760 muhammad.haziq@iukl.edu.my
Koh Chu Eyam Assistant Lecturer 768 kohce@iukl.edu.my
Engku Amirul Rashidin Bin Engku Arif Trainer 768 engkuamirul@iukl.edu.my
Azdham Bin Abu bakar Trainer 760 azdham@iukl.edu.my
Mohd Hairul Nizam Bin Mahmood Trainer 760 mohdhairul@iukl.edu.my
Mohd Khairul Hisyam Bin Ramli Trainer 760 hisyam@iukl.edu.my
Mohd Norzaim Bin Zakaria Trainer 760 zaim@iukl.edu.my
Mohd Zulkhairi Bin Mohd Nor Lab Executive 760 zulkhairi@iukl.edu.my
Science Division
Lee Su Yee Senior Lecturer 350 sylee@iukl.edu.my
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kong Wei Assoc. Prof. 721 kwei@iukl.edu.my
Dr. Samson Soon Min Ngen Senior Lecturer 374 samson@iukl.edu.my
Dr. Noura Karamalla Senior Lecturer 742 noura@iukl.edu.my
Noor Hidayu Bt. Zakaria Lecturer 890 noorhidayu@iukl.edu.my
Marzuki B. Hamzah Lecturer 857 marzuki@iukl.edu.my
Asy Syura Bt. Mamat Lecturer 799 asysyura@iukl.edu.my
Aizat B. Mohd Razali Lecturer 536 aizatmr@iukl.edu.my
Tay Lih Jinq Lecturer 752 taylihjinq@iukl.edu.my
Nurul Hazwani Bt. Kamarudin Lecturer 224 nurulhazwani.kamarudin@iukl.edu.my
Nur Atiqah Bt. Mohd Elias Lecturer 549 nur.atiqah@iukl.edu.my
Mohd Firdaus B. Ma'as Lab Executive 734 mohdfirdaus@iukl.edu.my
Saliza Hj Husin Academic Executive 749 saliza@iukl.edu.my
Noriana Awang Othman Academic Executive – Learning Support 814 noriana@iukl.edu.my
Norizan Binti Che Hassan Admin Assistant 871 norizan@iukl.edu.my