Diploma in Railway Signal Control Technology

Diploma in Railway Signal Control Technology

MQA/PA 14165

Intakes: June & Nov
Mode of Study: Full Time
Duration: 3 years (1.5 years in IUKL Malaysia & 1.5 years in NIRT China)
Credits: 91

Level of Study:
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The Diploma in Railway Signal Control Technology offers a ground-breaking opportunity for students to study in both Malaysia and China, earning a joint higher education diploma from Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur and Nanjing Vocational Institute of Railway Technology (NIRT).

This programme is meticulously designed to meet the contemporary demands of the job market, combining theoretical knowledge with practical applications. By equipping graduates with the latest skills in railway signal control technology, the programme has the potential to revolutionize the design and implementation of railway systems, ensuring safer, more efficient, and reliable operations.

Moreover, students would benefit from exposure to diverse cultures and the opportunity to become fluent in English and Mandarin. This linguistic versatility enables effective communication and collaboration with Mandarin-speaking countries and clients. Additionally, the programme addresses the growing demand for skilled railway technical personnel in Malaysia, China, and Southeast Asia, positively impacting the railway industry and the overall economy. Graduates will play a vital role in developing railway infrastructure, driving economic growth, and enhancing the quality of life for Malaysians. With its unique educational outcomes, this programme prepares students for success in the global workforce while empowering them to make a positive impact on the railway industry and the nation as a whole.

Is this programme for me?

The programme would allow you to work in the railway industry not only in Malaysia, but throughout the Asian region. It would also allow you to be proficient in Mandarin and English. Additional to that, you will study in China during your second and final years in NIRT, in which the teaching and learning activities are conducted in comprehensive practical training facilities, such as signaling equipment simulation training room, subway simulation and practical station, integrated practical training centre of high-speed railway, simulation of train operation control, real-running railway station on campus, etc.

What will I learn?

You will learn on subjects or courses related to the railway signal control technology, including knowledge and skills on maintenance and operation of railway signaling systems, station interlocking system, railway signal power, signal safety management, communication system, section block equipment, centralised traffic control system, train operation control system, etc. The curriculum is balanced and holistic, aimed to produce not only competent and skillful graduates, but also graduates who could contribute back to the society.

What should I expect?

You may expect to become a competent technician, supervisor or assistant engineer in railway companies or operators. You would be trained and taught on key components of the railway signal control system, including switch control circuit, signaling and power, traffic control, signal monitoring and safety protocols, for the technology covering urban rail up to the high-speed rail.

What will I do?

You will perform maintenance and operation of railway infrastructure and systems which is crucial in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and reliability of railway networks. Railway experts may specialize in areas like electrical and electronics, signaling, transportation planning or traffic control, depending on their interests and expertise. Their work is essential to the functioning of railway networks, which play a significant role in transportation, commerce and economic development in many regions around the world.


SPM/SPMV Pass SPM/SPMV or its equivalent with at least THREE (3) credits in any subject;

Pass SPM/SPMV or its equivalent with at least THREE (3) credits AND pass pra-diploma with minimum SIX (6) months duration

O-Level Pass O-level with at least Grade C in THREE (3) subjects
UEC Pass UEC with at least Grade B in THREE (3) subjects
Certificate Level 3 MQF Pass certificate (level 3 MQF) in related disciplines with at least CGPA 2.00 and ONE (1) semester bridging programme
(if required)
Certificate/SKM III Pass SKM level 3 in related disciplines; and (a) pass SPM with at least ONE (1) credit in any subject; and (b) ONE (1) semester of a bridging programme (if required)
Other Qualifications Other recognised qualifications or its equivalent.


PTE 47
Cambridge English 154


Year 1

Technical English • Mathematics for Engineering • General Physics • Introduction to Railway • Basic Entrepreneurship • Fundamental of Electrical Technology • Fundamental of Digital Electronics • Fundamental of Analogue Electronics • MPU Subjects

Year 2

Computer Network and Communication Technology • Analysis and Application of Measurement and Control Technology • Design and Debugging of SCM Application System • Computer Aided Design (CAD) • Electrical and Electronics Lab • Fundamental of Railway Signal System • Station Interlocking System Maintenance • Analysis and Fault Handling of Switch Control Circuit • Railway Signal Power and Lightning Protection Equipment Maintenance • Railway Signal Safety Management • Railway-specific Communication System

Year 3

Section Block Equipment Maintenance • Railway Signal Design and Construction • Centralised Traffic Control System Maintenance • Train Operation Control System Maintenance • Centralised Signal Monitoring System • Industrial Training • Final Year Project


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  • Project Technicians
  • Assistant Project Engineers
  • Assistant Project Managers
  • Assistant Project Supervisors
  • Operation & Maintenance Supervisors
  • Assistant Engineers Technicians
  • Operation & Maintenance Technicians


How much will I make?

You could make approximately MYR 2,000 to MYR 4,000 per month. Entry-level technicians or those with minimal experience may earn salaries at the lower end of this range, while those with several years of experience and specialized skills may earn salaries closer to the upper end.

Is this programme accredited?

This programme has gotten provisional accreditation from MQA and MBOT.

Did you know?

This programme focuses on railway signaling system, which is very crucial and in demand. It also provides exposure and handling of real-life railway equipment, simulators and systems, as Nanjing Vocational Institute of Railway Technology has a real-life working railway station on campus.

A word of advice

The railway industry has become one of the main transportation modes throughout the world as it is seen as an alternative transportation to reduce congestion in urban areas. Coupling with the advancement of technology in the era of IoT and intelligent transportation, the demand of talent in the field of Signal Control Technology is high and expected to continue to grow in future. It is very much recommended that those who are interested to further studies, to enroll in this programme and join the workforce that would drive the technology growth of the nation.

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