Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment

Overview of School

Change the landscape with your Architectural Masterpiece

The Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment (FABE) aspires to produce graduates in the fields of Architecture and Quantity Surveying. The country requires more graduates who are qualified, creative, innovative, skilful and competent in the development of the nation towards achieving Vision 2020. FABE is committed in producing graduates who are employable and well regarded by the industry locally and globally. FABE produces professionals in various aspects of Architecture, Quantity Surveying and Real Estate Management.


To be a World Class Centre of Excellence in Built Environment.


To achieve highest excellence in Built Environment involving IDEA: Innovation, Design, Environment & Architecture.

Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment strive for excellence in the built environment by providing quality education, advance knowledge, state of the art technology and excellent professional services.

Field of Study

Progression Pathway


Academic Directory

Name Designation Ext No.
+603 – 8926 6993
Room No. Email
Department of Architecture
HJ. Md. Pilus Bin Md. Noor Dean 786 Academic Office pilus@iukl.edu.my
Siti Najwa Binti Sheikh Yahya Head of Programme

  • Architecture
819 Academic Office sitinajwa@iukl.edu.my
Dr. Golnoosh Manteghi Head of Programme

  • Postgraduate
NA B213 golnoosh.manteghi@iukl.edu.my
Prof. Dr. Zulkifli Bin Hanafi Senior Lecturer NA B107 zulkiflihanafi@iukl.edu.my
Siti Noraini Binti Ahmad Senior Lecturer 780 B108 sitinoraini@iukl.edu.my
Noraqidah Binti Mohamad Lecturer 533 B106 noraqidah@iukl.edu.my
Mohd Basir Bin Abdul Rozak Lecturer 592 B117 basirrazak@iukl.edu.my
Azrin Bin Abu Seman Lecturer 776 B 117 azrin@iukl.edu.my
Ar. Mohd Hayazi Bin Agusi Lecturer NA B102 hayazi@iukl.edu.my
Rizal bin Husin Lecturer 547 B115 rizal.husin@iukl.edu.my
Dr.'Adil Farizal Bin Md. Rashid Lecturer 754 B123 adil@iukl.edu.my 
Idris Bin Taib Lecturer NA B 310 idris@iukl.edu.my
Ar.Mohd Rizal Bin Zakaria Lecturer 540 B121 rizal.zack@iukl.edu.my
Ahmad Muna'eim Bin Ahmad Fauzi Lecturer 593 B116 munaiem@iukl.edu.my
LAr Arfah Aini Binti Mohd Kalok Lecturer 533 B105 arfah@iukl.edu.my
Mazlina Binti Abdul Manan Lecturer 785 B122 mazlina@iukl.edu.my
Qaiss N. Kudheir Lecturer 787 B111 qaiss@iukl.edu.my
Ar. Mohd Sokri Bin Mahmood Lecturer NA B102 mohdsokri@iukl.edu.my
Siti Hajar Binti Mat Haril Lecturer 1532 B115 shajarharil@gmail.com
Nordianti Binti Abdul Rahim Lecturer 780 B105 nordianti@iukl.edu.my
Zairila Juria Binti Zainal Abidin Lecturer 591 B114 zairila@iukl.edu.my
Nur Balqis Bin Ahmad Safawi Lecturer 1532 B115 balqis@iukl.edu.my
Ts.Sharyzee bin Mohmad Shukri Lecturer NA B309 sharyzee@iukl.edu.my
Nur Azwanie bt Nordin Lecturer 846 B105 azwanie@iukl.edu.my
Anna Kamelia binti Kamarudin Lecturer 785 B122 anna.kamelia@iukl.edu.my
Ismarul Muin bin Ismail Babu Technical Assistant NA Workshop FABE ismarul@iukl.edu.my
Wan Muhammad Arief Bin Wan Yusuff Technical Executive NA CADD Lab wanmuhammadarief@iukl.edu.my
Department of Quantity Surveying
Puteri Sidrotul Nabihah Binti Saarani, PQS Head of Programme

  • Quantity Surveying
764 Academic Office puterisidrotul@iukl.edu.my
Sr Zailawati Binti Khalid,PQS Lecturer 782 B105 zailawati@iukl.edu.my
Sharifah Huda Binti Syed Mohd Lecturer 882 B126 sharifah@iukl.edu.my
Yusri bin Hamzah Lecturer 540 B121 yusri.hamzah@iukl.edu.my
Sr Nur Khairul Faizah Binti Mustafa Senior Lecturer 789 B110 nurkhairul@iukl.edu.my
Hjh. Nurdiana Binti Azmi,PQS Lecturer 763 B119 nurdiana@iukl.edu.my
Radzmah Binti Othman Lecturer 548 B120 radzmah@iukl.edu.my
Ruzanna Binti Abd Rahman Lecturer 846 B119 ruzanna@iukl.edu.my
Sr Rubiah Binti Md Zan Lecturer 591 B114 rubiah@iukl.edu.my
Sr Sarimah Binti Mohayat Lecturer 548 B120 sarimah.mohayat@iukl.edu.my
Sr Ts. Muhamad Zaihafiz Bin Zainal Abidin Lecturer 891 B103 mzaihafiz.zainalabidin@iukl.edu.my
Ahmad Shukri Bin Mohamed Hariri Academic Executive 765 Academic Office ahmadshukri@iukl.edu.my
Siti Rahana Nisa Bt Mohamad Salleh Academic Assistant 788 Academic Office rahana.nisa@iukl.edu.my