Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration

Intakes: March, June/July & Sept/Oct
Full Time: 3 – 5 years
Part Time: 4 – 8 years
Credits: 3
Level of Study:
Field of Study:
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This programme prepares candidates to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to function at the highest academic and professional levels.

You will be exposed to areas of management in-depth, focusing on a specialized area and developing conceptual and intellectual knowledge and methodological tools necessary to design and conduct independent research.

Years of working experience in a particular field would facilitate you in choosing topics but the scope should be appropriate for PhD level.

What makes Ph.D. BA more attractive to working adults?

  • Effective March Semester 2018 students can work while pursuing PhD BA on a full time / part time basis.
  • Students ONLY need to register one course (i.e. Postgraduate Research Methodology (PMR)-3 hours’/week course) IF they have not done it at the Master’s level.
  • Students may apply for credit exemption if they obtained a minimum B grade (at Master’s Level) for the above course.
  • Students may audit the course as a ‘refresher course’ to facilitate them in their academic research work.
  • Upon completion of the 3 credit hour course students can start working on their research proposal guided (face to face /on-line) by appointed main and co-supervisors.

What will I experience if I pursue this programme?

  • Every Ph.D. student in Business Administration is required to write a thesis on a specific research topic as a requirement for the award of the doctoral degree.
  • Students will be supervised by a Supervisory Committee (in related field) led by a Chairman with two other joint supervisors as determined by IUKL.
  • A student has to write and complete a thesis of between 80,000 - 120,000 words (double-spaced).
  • The thesis will be evaluated by two external examiners and one internal examiner. The external examiners should at least be an Associate Professor with a PhD degree and have successfully supervised at least one student and also have at least three years’ experience in their specialized area. At least ONE external and ONE internal supervisor should attend the VIVA session.

What makes this programme stand out?

Apart from specialized area of studies mentioned, students are encouraged to pursue topics related to their industrial experience as current employees and work on interdisciplinary research topics (for example: engineering or Information Technology blended with business related topics) appropriate for PhD level.

Is it worth getting a PhD in Business Administration?

Your potential employers will be looking for PhD holders with excellent research capabilities to solve problems in the organization in related areas required by industries.

Such capabilities would enable you to be involved in consultations with various public and private organizations including universities and research and development teams. You could extend future networking and collaborate among players globally or through smart partnerships.

Your level of experience, geographical location, the field, industry and area of study could make a big difference to your earnings.

PhD salary offers vary widely between the public and private sectors. For example, in biological science occupations, a PhD holder earns 27 percent more than that of a master’s holder. In academia a PhD could lead you to be promoted to higher levels, such as Associate Professor and Professors, which are worthwhile financially.


  • A Master’s Degree in Business Administration or relevant field from any institution of higher learning recognized by the Malaysian government OR other qualifications approved by the Senate of IUKL
  • International Applicants are required to have a minimum score of TOEFL 537 OR IELTS 6.0 OR have attained a degree from a university where the medium of instruction is in English
PTE 59
Cambridge English 169


Course Structure

Phase I: Coursework (12 credits)
Postgraduate Research Methodology, Qualitative Analysis for PhD, Quantitative Analysis for PhD, Based on specialisation (To choose one)***, Current Issues in Organizational Behavior, Current Issues in Marketing, Current Issues in Finance, >Current Issues in Accounting

Phase II: Proposal Defense

Phase III: Thesis

*** Based on specialisation (to choose one):

  • Current Issues in Organizational Behaviour
  • Current Issues in Marketing
  • Current Issues in Finance
  • Current Issues in Accounting

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