Faculty of Applied Science (FASF)

Overview of School

Be the Scientist of tomorrow

The Faculty of Applied Science and Foundation Studies (FASF) comprises the primary disciplines of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology which support specialised interdisciplinary fields of teaching, research and industry engagement in engineering, biotechnology, agricultural science and sports management. All academic programmes emphasise the integration of the basic sciences within an interdisciplinary approach with the expressed intention of encouraging research, innovation and the preparation of graduates to work in a diverse range of professional practice as scientists.


To be a Centre of Excellence in Applied Science & Foundation Studies.


Faculty of Applied Science and Foundation Studies (FASF) strives for excellence in the applied science and foundation studies by providing quality education, advance knowledge, state-of-the-art technology and excellent professional services.

Field of Study

Academic Directory

Name Designation Room No +603-8926 6993
Ext No.
Email Address
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kong Wei Executive Dean A331 721 kwei@iukl.edu.my
Department of Foundation Studies
Lee Su Yee HOD (Foundation Studies) A325 350 sylee@iukl.edu.my
Dr. Lim Hock Ann Director QA A210 346 limha@iukl.edu.my
Nalinah A/P Poogavanam HOP (FIS / FIA) A208 745 nalinah@iukl.edu.my
Eizhan Ahmad HOP (DSM / Co- curriculum) A317 873 eizhan@iukl.edu.my
Khairul Arifin Lecturer A204 608 khairularifin@iukl.edu.my
Hanita Ismail Head (Academic/Industrial Linkages) A208 745 / 748 hanita@iukl.edu.my
Tan Tiak Kun Senior Lecturer A327 859 ttkun@iukl.edu.my
Jaya Chitra Degala Ramalu Senior Lecturer A301 742 chitra@iukl.edu.my
Dr. Teh Jia Yew Lecturer A315 897 jyteh@iukl.edu.my
Siti Awanis Abd. Rashid Lecturer A302 856 awanis@iukl.edu.my
Dr. Audi Majdan Kamarul Bahrain Lecturer A311 790 audi@iukl.edu.my
Dr. Gregory Henry Ripan Senior Lecturer A321 722 gregory@iukl.edu.my
Muhammad Rizal Zakaria Lecturer A321 722 rizal@iukl.edu.my
Nora’asikin Abu Bakar Lecturer A330 860 noraasikin@iukl.edu.my
Naziz Nashriq Nijar Lecturer A315 897 naziz@iukl.edu.my
Nurul Asyikin Azmi Lecturer A302 856 nurulasyikin@iukl.edu.my
Wan Yahya Ibrahim @ Wan Yusoff Lecturer A204 608 wanyahya@iukl.edu.my
Wan Norhasila Wan Hasan Lecturer A309 898 wannorhasila@iukl.edu.my
Nathan A/L Arumugam Lecturer A316 857 nathan@iukl.edu.my
Asyraf Nadia Mohd Yunus Lecturer A330 860 nadia@iukl.edu.my
Nurul Shahida Hamdan Lecturer A322 752 nurulshahida@iukl.edu.my
Suhaida Ishak Lecturer A211 737 suhaida@iukl.edu.my
Muhammad Noor Hizami Hamidi Lecturer A317 873 mnoor.hizami@iukl.edu.my
Mohd Naufal bin Yunos Lecturer A303 857 naufal@iukl.edu.my
Dian Adline Md. Jalaluddin Lecturer RMC 224 dianadline.jalaluddin@iukl.edu.my
Dr. Juliana Rosmidah Jaafar Head (MPU) RMC 224 julianarosmida.jaafar@iukl.edu.my
Mohd Syazwan Johari Lecturer A332 536 mohdsyazwan.johari@iukl.edu.my
Department of Agriculture & Biotechnology
Noor Hidayu Zakaria HOD, Department of Agriculture and Biotechnology A329 890 noorhidayu@iukl.edu.my
Asy Syura Mamat HOP (DAS/DBT) A304 779 asysyura@iukl.edu.my
Dr. Samson Soon Min Ngen Head RMC RMC 374 samson@iukl.edu.my
Dr. Noura Karamalla Mohamed Salih Senior Lecturer A301 742 noura@iukl.edu.my
Marzuki Hamzah Lecturer A303 857 marzuki@iukl.edu.my
Mr Aizat Mohd. Razali HOP (BBT) A332 536 aizatmr@iukl.edu.my
Tay Lih Jing Lecturer A322 752 taylihjing@iukl.edu.my
Rohimah Mohamed Assist Lecturer A304 799 rohimah@iukl.edu.my
Hilma Syazrani Sapari Assist Lecturer A211 737 hilma@iukl.edu.my
Ho Sue Kim Assist Lecturer A309 898 ho.suekim@iukl.edu.my
Nurul Hazwani Kamarudin Lecturer RMC 224 nurulhazwani.kamarudin@iukl.edu.my
Nur Atiqah binti Mohd Elias Lecturer A307 549 nur.atiqah@iukl.edu.my
Idris Safar Admin Execitive A006 739 idris@iukl.edu.my
Anis Izzati Shuib Admin Assist A006 864 anisizzati@iukl.edu.my
Salleh Sukadi Lab Executive Chemistry Lab 734 mohdsaleh@iukl.my
Mohd Firdaus Ma'as Lab Executive Chemistry Lab 734 mohdfirdaus@iukl.edu.my