Alumni Benefits:

Alumni Give Back

At IUKL, we believe in the power of giving back and making a positive impact in our community. Our alumni play a crucial role in supporting the next generation of students and ensuring that they have access to quality education and opportunities for success. There are various initiatives that you can take to give back in meaningful ways and contribute to the continued growth and development of our university.

1. Waqf and Endowment

Alumni are invited to contribute to the Waqf and Endowment Fund, which provides financial assistance to Malaysian B40 students at IUKL. Your generous donations help alleviate the financial burden for students from underserved communities, allowing them to pursue their academic aspirations and achieve their full potential.

2. Scholarship Funds

Alumni can contribute to existing scholarship funds to support students with outstanding academic achievements, financial need, or specific areas of study. Scholarships provide much-needed financial support to deserving students and enable them to focus on their education without the added stress of financial constraints.

3. Infrastructure and Programme Enhancement

Alumni donations also contribute to the enhancement of infrastructure and programmes. Whether it's funding for campus facilities, research initiatives, academic programmes, or extracurricular activities, alumni support helps elevate the overall student experience and enrich the learning environment.