Master of Arts in Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Master of Arts in Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Intakes: March, June/July & Sept/Oct
Full Time: 1 ½ years
Part Time: 1 ½ – 2 years
Structure: Coursework
Level of Study:
Field of Study:
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The MA TESOL programme prepares students to teach both domestically and abroad in higher learning institutions and private schools.

This programme aims to provide suitably qualified graduates who have little or no experience of English Language teaching with an opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the field of TESOL at both the theoretical and practical levels.

Students who are interested in the teaching profession are encouraged to take this programme.

What will I experience if I pursue this programme?

The programme stresses the practical aspects of learning and teaching and addresses classroom interaction, lesson planning, lesson delivery and language teaching methodology.

Learning is balanced in the domains of knowledge, skills, attitude and awareness in the context of language, and a disciplined reflective practice is encouraged.

What can I do after getting my MA TESOL?

There is a great demand for English teachers with Masters in TESOL. You will be sought by schools and businesses overseas and by people who need to learn English to improve their career prospects.

Our postgraduate programme will prepare you for several professions such as TESOL Instructor for Adults, TESOL Teacher, TESOL Programme Director or Coordinator, Academic Adviser, Teaching Material Writer/Editor, Government agency adviser and Private Tutor

What makes this programme stand out?

The programme puts a lot of emphasis on gaining practical observational experience in the English Language classroom that allows students to see how the theoretical side is applied to real life teaching settings.

Is it worth getting an MA in TESOL?

Where there is a strong demand for education, the need arises for an adequate supply of qualified teachers. The demand for well-trained English teachers is worldwide, particularly in the sphere of international business. While some international programs will accept teachers with a Bachelor’s degree, the highest-paying jobs are generally left to those with a postgraduate degree from an accredited TESOL programme.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field with a CGPA of 2.50 and above from any institution of higher learning recognized by the Malaysian government OR other qualifications approved by the Senate of IUKL.
  • Applicants not meeting CGPA of 2.50 can be accepted subject to a minimum 5 years of working experience in relevant field.
  • International Applicants are required to have a minimum score of TOEFL 550 OR IELTS 6.0 OR have attained a degree from a university where the medium of instruction is in English.
PTE 59
Cambridge English 169


Compulsory (30 credits)

Multicultural & Multilingual Education, Methodology in TESOL, Postgraduate Research Methodology, Principles of Language Learning and Teaching, World Englishes, Assessment in the TESOL Classroom, Technologies in Language Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Development and Course Design, Project Paper

Electives (Choose 4 - 12 Credits)

Classroom Observation, Teaching Practice, Educational Management, Educational Statistics, Literature in English in the TESOL Classroom, Writing TESOL Materials, Educational Psychology

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