On 6th June, thirty-eight (38) Foundation Studies students from the ‘An Introduction to Critical Thinking – LANG 0057′ course participated in a forum at the Foyer (Block A), IUKL. The students’ impromptu performance was one of the assessments for this course as suggested by Ms. Zeena, the lecturer who taught this course in the March 2017 Semester. This assessment requires students to practise thinking critically outside the classroom on a given topic.

The event was well-supported by the lecturers from the Faculty of Arts, Communication and Education (FACE) and the Faculty of Applied Science and Foundation Studies(FASF) who were invited to assess the students’ performance on the topics suggested by them on the day of the forum.

On the forum day, the students looked smart in their formal attire. They were eager to perform, although they felt it was a challenging assessment having to speak spontaneously on a topic. The students were able to speak confidently on the topics given by the lecturers from both faculties. The objectives of the forum were mainly to assess the students’ critical thinking skills and enable them to express and share their opinions or ideas.

The forum ended with a Question-Answer (QA) session and feedback provided by the lecturers. The forum was certaintly a great experience for these students.