International Student 2023 Scholarship

50% International Student Scholarship

*Not applicable to China student

What is this scholarship about?

IUKL Cares! We practise what we preach, hence we are giving 50% off on the total tuition fee for international students to ease their financial burden as well as to give them the opportunity to pursue and obtain tertiary education from an internationally recognized institution.

Who’s eligible for the scholarship?

  • The scholarship is meant for International Students.
  • This scholarship is open to all prospective students (Diploma & Degree only) as long as they meet the minimum entry requirement for the respective programme to be enrolled in.
  • Students enrolled for the September 2021 intake onwards are eligible.

How does the Scholarship work?

  • The scholarship covers only 10% of the enrolled students’ entire course of study tuition fee and is subjected to the terms and conditions.
  • The students will receive the 50% scholarship from the first semester itself. Terms and conditions apply.
  • In order for the students to maintain the scholarship, they must fulfil certain terms and conditions.