Research Workshop

IUKL Research Retreat 2016

After being temporarily halted for one year in 2015, RMC continued the effort to organise the IUKL Research Retreat 2016 on 22 December 2016. A total of twenty (20) lecturers from different faculties participated in the retreat. The one-day program was conducted at Conference Hall of IUKL. The objective of the retreat was to guide the participants in producing a well-written research proposal for MOHE’s grants and other sources of funding on a worthy research topic.
RMC was honoured to invite two panel members, Prof. Emeritus Dr. Samsudin A Rahim (UKM) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Zaharin bin Aris (UPM) to share their FRGS evaluation tips and experiences in securing grants from MOHE. During the proposal development session, both panels managed to provide constructive comments and advice to the research group members on several of research proposals. The program has imparted the necessary guidelines to the participants in producing a winning research proposal for future submission.

IUKL Research Retreat at Shangri-la Hotel, Putrajaya, 29th December 2014

RMC has committed to continuing the effort of organising the IUKL Research Retreat at Shangri-la Hotel, Putrajaya on 29th December 2014. A total of twenty-four lecturers joined the workshop in preparing fifteen research proposals for MOHE’s grants (i.e. FRGS, PRGS & LRGS) and MOSTI’s funds. RMC was honoured to invite two panel members, Prof. Dr. Hasanah Mohd. Ghazali (UPM) and Prof. Dr. Ruzy Suliza Hashim (UKM) to share their experiences in securing grants from external funding bodies as well as providing guidance and advice on improving the research proposals.

IUKL Research Workshop at Mahkota Hotel, Malacca, 5th – 6th December 2013

The IUKL Research Workshop was held at Mahkota Hotel, Malacca from 5th – 6th December 2013. A total of twenty-seven lecturers joined the workshop in preparing sixteen research proposals. This time RMC managed to invite four panel members from different fields from UPM through the assistance of RMC UPM.

Research Workshop at Avillion, Port Dickson, 29 – 30 November 2012

The Research Workshop was held at Avillion, Port Dickson from 29 to 30 November 2012. Thirty-seven lecturers participated in the workshop. Five panel members from UPM and one from UKM were the facilitators at the workshop. Research proposals for applications to the Research Acculturation Collaborative Effort (RACE), FRGS, ERGS and PRGS were refined and made ready for submission.

Designing Research Proposal for Grant Application, 13 February 2012

Research workshops were held to provide an avenue for researchers investigating various topics to present their work and receive feedback from selected panel members. The goal was to produce research proposals that can secure research grants from MOHE and other sources of funding. The first workshop, Designing Research Proposal for Grant Application, was conducted on 13 February 2012. The guest speaker was Prof. Sr. Ir. Suhaimi Abdul Talib, Assistant Vice Chancellor (Development, Facilities, Management and ICT), UiTM. Sixty-six staff members attended the workshop.

IUKL Public Lecture Series
With a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm, on Wednesday, 12 December 2013, IUKL Public Lecture Series was successfully delivered by Y. Bhg. Datuk Dr. Hong Lee Ping, PJN, a member of Board of Governors, Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL). The public lecture entitled “Innovation Makes You Fly Higher” began with a brief introduction of the importance of innovation for the economic development and advancement of a state and nation. He gave some examples of utilizing innovation for the rapid development and great success of an enterprise, the etymology of innovation, misused terms for innovation, definition of innovation, innovation process, innovator’s characteristics, innovation culture and environment. The importance for nurturing children’s interest on innovation while they are young was also discussed.

Research Colloquium

IUKL Research Colloquium 2016

The first IUKL research colloquium was being organized by Research Management Centre (RMC) on Tuesday, 25 October 2016 at Auditorium, Blok 2. This event marks a milestone among the many initiatives undertaken by the RMC to establish a vibrant, dynamic and sustainable research environment among the academics in IUKL. The main objective of the colloquium is to serve as a platform for IUKL researchers to present and share their research outputs that have been conducted at IUKL over the years since the internal fund was launched in year 2010. It is also a venue for discussion, exchange of ideas, as well as finding partners for future collaboration, in addition to promoting an interdisciplinary dialogue at the university among the members of different faculties.

This colloquium managed to showcase 25 completed research projects that were entirely funded by IUKL internal research fund. The colloquium featured two categories of Best Paper Presentation Awards that aimed to recognise and reward exceptional research work by IUKL reseachers, if the projects presented scoring excellence in: i) Research Content; ii) Presentation Skills; iii) Research Outputs.

In addition to the individual awards, prize was also awarded for Best Faculty Research Award to honor the most active and research outputs faculty. The winners of the event are shown in the following table.

Award Recipient
Best Paper Presentation Award (Social Science) Prof. Dr. Siti Maziha Mustapha
Kamaljeet Kaur
Best Paper Presentation Award (Science & Technology) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kong Wei
Best Faculty Research Award Faculty of Applied Science and Foundation Studies (FASF)

Professor Datin Dr. Ruzy Suliza Hashim from National University of Malaysia was invited as the event’s honourable keynote speaker with her Topic: “Making Your Research Relevant: Some Tips to Live By”, had given a very insightful speech to the audiences.

In conjunction with the event, IUKL also gave special token of appreciations to those researchers who have secured external research grants and to those project leaders who won the innovation competition nationally for IUKL. The recipients are as follows:-

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kong Wei MOHE’s grant FRGS Phase 2010
MOHE’s grant FRGS Phase 2013
Dr. Sylvia Chieng MOHE’s grant FRGS Phase 2014
Dr. Mohd Sofiyan Sulaiman MOHE’s grant FRGS Phase 2016
Dr. Fariba Jafari Silver Award in ITEX 2014
Dr. Mohd Sofiyan Sulaiman Silver Award in ITEX 2015
Gold Award in ITEX 2016
Ir. Tengku Anita Raja Hussin Bronze Award in ITEX 2015
Noorbaya Binti Mohd Salleh Bronze Award in PECIPTA 2015
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