Master of Science in Construction Management (Mix-Mode)

Master of Science in Construction Management (Mix-Mode)


Full Time: 1 ½ – 2 years
Credits: 56
Accreditation: Malaysian Quality Assurance (MQA) (Provisional)
Financial Supports: Graduate Research Assistantship, GRA

Level of Study:
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Being one of the most recognized university in the field of civil engineering in Malaysia, IUKL is offering a Master of Science in Construction Management degree (by Mix-mode). The Master of Science in Construction Management (MScCM) is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in a relative engineering discipline who wish to pursue a graduate degree. The Master of Science in Construction Management is designed to provide students with a formal qualification at the master’s level.

Master of Science in Construction Management programme provides multi-disciplinary and high-quality university education in the field of Construction Management. Candidates will be trained with technical and managerial knowledge and skills to:

  1. successfully plan, operate and manage construction projects; and
  2. advise and support authorities in decision-making and policy-making.

The general programme objective is to educate professionals and scientists who contribute effectively to the development and management of Construction industry on both a local and global scale.

A combination of lectures, coursework and research enables the candidate to be exposed to advanced knowledge of construction technology and methods, construction management, project costing and at the same time to explore, research, and analyse in order to come up with the most effective framework for the success of the construction projects implementation and at the same time fully aware of the sustainability issues and commitment to them.

Career opportunities exist for a wide range of organizations including manufacturing construction companies, research organizations, academic institutions, energy agencies, local, state and federal governments and local authorities.

Key Features

The MSc in Water Resources programme provides multi-disciplinary and high-quality university education in the field of water resources. Student will be trained with technical and managerial knowledge and skills to:

  • Successfully plan, design, operate and manage water resources projects
  • Advice and support authorities in decision-making and policy-making that enhances the safe exploitation and re-use of water and the equitable distribution and conversation of local, regional and global water resources.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering or any relevant field from any institution of higher learning recognized by the Malaysian government OR other qualifications approved by the Senate of IUKL
  • International Applicants are required to have a minimum score of TOEFL 550 OR IELTS 6.0 OR have attained a degree from a university where the medium of instruction is in English


Year 1 (25 Credits)

Research Methodology, Value Management, Risk Management and Construction*, Advanced Construction Technology, Concrete Technology*, Management Theory and Organisational Behavior, The Economic of Construction Industry*, Construction Management, Financial Management, Construction Law and Contracts

* Elective

Year 2 (Six Month - 20 Credits)

Research Project 1, Research Project 2


Tuition Fees RM28,800.00
Deposit (Refundable) RM300.00
Insurance RM70.00/year
Total Fees (Approximate) RM29,200.00
Tuition Fees RM29,280.00
Caution Fee (Refundable) RM1,500.00
International Student Administrative Fee RM4,800.00
Medical Insurance RM600.00/year
Visa Processing Fee RM360.00/year
Total Fees (Approximate) RM37,000.00



Career prospects in the Construction sector are excellent. The Construction Management sector proves to be a stable employment environment with a continually rising need for highly educated professionals. Programme graduates will deal with the management of Construction industry and, to a lesser extent, with education and research. Graduates are therefore prepared to fulfill both a professional and academic role. The programme’s academic-level education not only prepares construction sector professionals but also future lecturers and researchers, creating a multiplier effect that spreads across many countries.

Government agencies, Construction & Development Companies, and other companies play a decisive role in the management of present and future country’s infrastructure. They need well-trained Construction Management professionals. Many graduates find employment with private companies, such as consultancy agencies and industrial firms. Others go on to careers in non-governmental organisations.


Construction Engineering
  • Facilities manager
  • Project manager
  • Construction manager
  • Cost consultant
  • Maintenance manager
  • Quality assurance manager


Academic Pathways

In first year, students will acquire advanced knowledge on different Construction Management specializations as well as research methods.

In the second year, The students will be able to defend their thesis proposal from the first semester and finalize their thesis in the second semester.

In terms of academic pathways, IUKL (MScCM) provides students :

  • Advanced knowledge on Construction Management modules
  • Advanced research methods and guidance to carry out their research;
  • Continuous guidance throughout the research

Upon graduation the student have already acquired advanced knowledge mastery in the one of the fields of civil engineering that can lay the foundation to upgrade their studies to PhD level.

International Colaborations

IUKL has signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with various universities over the world such as :-

  • The University of Adelaide, Australia
  • The University of Tasmania, Australia
  • University of Portsmouth, UK
  • La Trobe University, Australia
  • Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
  • The University of New South Wales, Australia
  • The University of Newcastle, Australia
  • The University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • The University of Birmingham, UK
  • The University of Surrey, UK
  • The University, China

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