Diploma in Civil Engineering

Diploma in Civil Engineering


Intakes: Mar, Jun, Sept / Oct
Mode of Study: Full Time
Duration: 2 years 6 months
Credits: 98

Level of Study:
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The Diploma in Civil Engineering Programme is designed to provide the engineering profession with skilled and competent civil engineering technical assistants. It also paves the way for continuing education for the students. It prepares students with a solid foundation not only in theoretical concepts but also in engineering skills. This programme offers students a wide range of civil engineering courses such as structures, geotechnical engineering, traffic and highway engineering, water and wastewater and construction management.

Civil Engineering is one the oldest fields of engineering that has contributed immensely to our modern living.

Is this programme for me?

Civil engineering can be an exciting career. Therefore, ask yourselves:

  • Are you interested in high rise buildings, highways, bridges and how they are constructed?
  • Are you a natural problem solver?
  • Do you communicate well with others and work productively in a team environment?
  • Are you comfortable leading and motivating others?
  • Are you willing to constantly learn new things?

If the answers are “yes”, then pursuing a diploma in civil engineering is the perfect choice.

What will I learn?

Students are provided access to use certain equipment during lectures which are used in the industry. Thus, students get to acquire hands-on skills.

There are also activities conducted outside the classroom where students can participate in events, projects and competitions.

This is a platform to give an extra edge they need to boost their confidence as they apply what they have learned in the classroom to real challenges.

What should I expect?

Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including roads, canals, dams, and buildings.

Students will be equipped with a solid foundation not only in theoretical concepts but also in engineering skills.

Graduates are expected to attain good technical skills such as technical drawing, civil engineering laboratory practice, interpersonal communication besides fundamental civil engineering knowledge. This would equip them with the capability to work independently or assist engineers in decision making related to civil engineering problems.

What will I do?

Graduates will be employed as a Technical Assistant or Supervisor in a wide variety of professions performing a broad range of technical and managerial tasks in the construction sector.


SPM Minimum 3 Cs in SPM/SPMV (including Mathematics and a Science subject) and a pass in English
O-Level Minimum 3 Cs (including Mathematics and a Science subject)
UEC Minimum 3 Bs (including Mathematics and a Science subject)
Certificate/SKM III Minimum CGPA of 2.00 with a credit in any subject and a pass in Mathematics at SPM level
SAM/HSC/AUSMAT TER/UAI: Average of 50% or higher in 5 subjects (including Mathematics)
CPU/CIMP Average of 50% or higher in 6 subjects (including Mathematics)
Other Qualifications A pass in any relevant certificate in Engineering/Engineering Technology from IPTA/IPTS as recognised by Malaysian Government


Year 1

MPU Subjects (U1&U2), Chemistry, Computer Programming, Engineering Drawing, Engineering Mechanics, Geology, Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Physics, Technical English 1, Science Laboratory, Technical English 2, Surveying, Surveying Lab

Year 2

year 2: MPU Subjects(U3&U4), Construction Materials and Site Practice, Fluid Mechanics, Industrial Training, Mathematics 3, Soil Mechanics, Steel and Timber Design, Strength of Material, Structural Analysis, Traffic and Highway, Engineering, Estimating and Contract, Mechanical and Electrical, Systems, Soiland Concrete Lab, Structure and Highway Lab, Strength and Fluid Lab

Year 3

Construction Management, Environmental Engineering, Final Project, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Reinforced Concrete Design


Tuition Fees RM27,440.00
Deposit (Refundable) RM250.00
Insurance RM70.00/year
Other Fees Sem S/Sem
Student Club
Total Fees (Approximate) RM29,600.00
Tuition Fees RM27,440.00
Caution Fee (Refundable) RM1,500.00
International Student Administrative Fee RM4,800.00
Medical Insurance RM600.00/year
Medical Examination RM250.00/year
Visa Processing RM360.00/year
Other Fees Sem S/Sem
Student Club
Total Fees (Approximate) RM37,900.00

Our Success Story


Graduates from IUKL (DCE) will be employed as Technical Assistant or Supervisor in a wide variety of professions performing a broad range of technical and managerial tasks as follows:

  • Construction
  • Environmental
  • Geotechnical
  • Structural
  • Project Engineering & Management


How much will I make?

The average salary for a diploma holder in this field is around RM1,500 to RM1,800. But of course, your salary will also depend on the company that you work for.

Is this programme accredited?

Yes, this programme is fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Did you know?

  • Civil Engineers frequently work on complex projects which involve many technical, economic, social and environmental factors.
  • Civil Engineering takes place on all levels:
    • In the public sector from municipal through to national governments, and
    • In the private sector from individual homeowners through to international companies.

A word of advice

To venture into an engineering career you should prepare yourself from the very beginning. You should equip yourself with the required knowledge (mathematics & science) and skills (communication, language, team working, etc).

Take some time to visit engineering schools or faculties in the country to have an overview of the programme and the facilities they have. Talk to the practising engineers about their job and experience. Hopefully this will generate your interest and passion for engineering.

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