Bachelor of Real Estate Management (Hons)

Bachelor of Real Estate Management (Hons)


Intakes: March, June/July & Sept/Oct
Mode of Study: Full Time
Duration: 3.5 year
Credits: 129

Level of Study:
Field of Study:
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Real Estate is about land, building and valuations.

Students will get the knowledge and skills necessary to become a property expert and a successful person in the Real Estate field.

One might not be aware, due to its complexity in financial planning and procedures involved, that real estate management has developed into a highly specialised profession and graduates in this field of study are greatly sought after by various industries, including the construction and banking industries.

Who should study Real Estate?

Many students are not aware of the option to pursue a degree in real estate management. Most would go for the familiar programmes without realising that this programme is also an academic degree worth pursuing.

Students with great interest in planning, mathematics and good in observation should take up the challenge to be a player in real estate management.

This is a field that could provide you endless opportunities for advancement.

Why pursuing this course is a smart choice?

While not everyone is pursuing a degree in real estate studies, it is very likely that many of us will acquire at least one investment property at some time in our lives. By doing so, we effectively become a property manager, whether we intend to or not.

Property management is also a career option, either by working for a property management company, real estate firm, or acting as a sole proprietor.

What will I learn?

In general, you will study a multitude of subjects that will help you engage in property valuation, property management and acquiring and selling of properties.

You will be exposed to the basics of business management, applied valuation, plant and machinery valuation, property development, building services, real estate agency practice, land economics, property laws and other property-related subjects.

What should I expect?

The programme includes a six-month industrial training. Most internships for a degree programme are only limited to three months but for this programme, the internship is extended to enable students to learn more from the industry.

The internship will expose students to a lot of things such as site visits, field work, evaluations and more. This is the time for students to make full use of what they have learned in the classroom as it is the best way for students to acquire first-hand experience of this industry.


STPM Minimum 3 Principle Passes
A-Level Minimum 2 Principal Passes
UEC Minimum 5Bs
Diploma/HND Minimum CGPA of 2.00
Foundation / Matriculation Minimum CGPA of 2.00
Other Qualifications As recognised by the Senate of IUKL as equivalent to STPM
PTE 47
Cambridge English 154


Year 1

Applied Valuation, Bahasa Kebangsaan A / B (National Language A / B), Building Materials & Construction, Free Elective I, Fundamental of Property Law, Interactive Skills, Introduction to Law, Introduction to Property & Valuation, Land Economics & Property Market, Pengajian Islam / Pendidikan Moral (Islamic Studies / Moral Studies), Pengajian Malaysia (Malaysian Studies), Principles of Economics, Surveying For Real Estate Management, Theories in Sports, Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Year 2

Basic Entrepreneurship, Building Services, Co-curriculum II, Core Elective, Finance and Accounting, Free Elective II, Planning & Urban Control, Property Management, Property Taxation, Real Estate, Investment Appraisal, Statutory Valuation, Technical & Professional, Communication, Urban Economic & the Property Market

Year 3

Advanced Valuation, Basic Office Application, Building Maintenance & Defect Diagnosis, Core Elective, Dissertation I & II, Ethics and Professional Practice, Free Elective III, IT in Real Estate, Land Acquisition and Compensation, Marketing for Real Estate Business, Property Development & Sustainability, Plant and Machinery Valuation, Real Estate Agency Practice

Year 4

Professional Experience Placement


Tuition Fees RM51,600.00
Deposit (Refundable) RM250.00
Insurance RM70.00/year
Other Fees Sem S/Sem
Student Club
Total Fees (Approximate) RM54,200.00
Tuition Fees RM52,890.00
Caution Fee (Refundable) RM1,500.00
International Student Administrative Fee RM6,300.00
Medical Insurance RM600.00/year
Medical Examination RM250.00/year
Visa Processing RM360.00/year
Other Fees Sem S/Sem
Student Club
Total Fees (Approximate) RM65,100.00

Professional Recognition

This programme is recognised as professional entry qualification by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers (BOVAEP). This Board was set up in 1981 under the purview of the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia. The setup and operation of this Board is governed by the provision of the Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers Act 1981. Its primary function is to regulate the Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers practising in Malaysia.

Another professional recognition for this programme is the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM). This is a professional institution representing the surveying profession, including property management, valuation and estate agency surveying division in Malaysia.

How does the professional recognition for this programme benefit me?

Graduates of this programme are exempted from qualifying examinations and are able to register with the board as probationary valuers.

Graduates will then be required to acquire two years of post-qualifying practical training and experience in Malaysia under the supervision of a registered valuer.

Upon completion of the post-qualifying practical training, the graduates may sit for the test of professional competence (TPC) conducted by the BOVEAP as the final part of the procedure to earn the title as a registered valuer; estate agent and property manager.

Our Success Story


Careers in the field of Real Estate and Property Management vary widely. A degree in Real Estate Management from IUKL will enable you to be employed in both public and private sector by firms, which own, develop, use or manage real estate or act as advisors. You can also work for financial institutions as well as firms that provide consulting services to the finance sector.

The following are some of the key business areas in the real estate sector.

  • Property Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Real Estate consultant, etc


How much will I make?

In the public sector, the average salary for fresh graduates in this field, for public sector, is a minimum of RM 2,094.00 per month (exclusive of allowances).

As for the private sector, it can reach up to five figures depending on the position and company’s profit.

If you are working as a real estate agent, you would get commission based on the price of the property, normally 2- 3 percent of the property price.

Interesting Facts

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

A word of advice.

  • We are here to help you explore a career in real estate. We are dedicated to spending time with you to find out more about how a career in real estate can be your best move ever.
  • You can do months of research in what you want to study and what you plan to use that degree for after you graduate, but unfortunately that still doesn't guarantee that once you start studying a programme, you'll enjoy it. Thankfully, even if you enrol in the Real Estate Management programme and realise you don't want to work in the industry, you'll still have a wealth of transferable skills that will serve you well in any number of other professions. Among the features are; time management, managing and analysing data, applying theory to practice and the use of IT – all of which are desirable qualities in almost any industry.

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