IUKL was indeed happy to host SIBS studens from Kathmandu, Nepal, from 11th to 16th January 2018. The students, along with two school officers, were from to Sunway Business School, which is one of IUKL’s international franchise partners. The purpose of their visit was to directly observe the university’s learning system, and to meet the local people and experience their culture. Their six-day visit was filled with a variety of activities and programmes. The SIBS students gained real-time experience by engaging with IUKL students in the classrooms, and by participating in cultural exchanges with the IUKL Malaysian cultural societies. The SIBS students were presented with traditional dances, and they in turn showcased their own performances. One night, they were invited to attend a Ponggal Festival in Kajang. At other times, they went on tours of attractive sites in Putrajaya, shopping at IOI City Mall, and enjoyed a lively night out in KL. While in Port Dickson, they enjoyed many leisure activities, including a banana boat ride. And don’t forget the futsal match they played against IUKL students. Their six-day visit left a good impression in their hearts. We are eagerly looking forward to September when another group will be coming to visit us from Nepal.