Malaysian Student 2022 Promotions

FREE Foundation

Students pay only 50% tuition fee while in foundation and receive rebate (50% of the paid Foundation tuition fee) in Bachelor programme. The rebate will be divided based on the number of semester the students will sit in Bachelor.


Foundation fees: RM18,000.
50% (student pay): RM9000. This amount is divided into 3 semesters (total foundation semesters) for collection purposes.

Bachelor: RM48,000.
Rebate calculation: Assuming student has 10 semesters in Bachelor: RM9000/10 = RM900 Bach semester fees = RM6000. Student to be invoiced = RM6000 - RM900= RM5100

Terms & Conditions

  1. Students must pay 50% of the foundation programme tuition fee during the course of the foundation programme.
  2. Students must complete the foundation programme within 1 year. Should students extend the foundation programme, additional tuition fee charges will be imposed based on the number of additional credit hours taken. The extension of semesters is excluded from the promotion and students must make the full tuition fee imposed based on the number of credit hours taken during the extension.
  3. Students must register into the bachelor programme of their interest in IUKL in the subsequent semester upon completion of their foundation programme. The 50% tuition fee made during the foundation programme will be credited back into the students’ account upon successful registration into the bachelor programme in the form of rebate broken down into the number of semesters of the students’ bachelor programme.
  4. Postponement of the registration into bachelor programme is subject to the management’s approval.
  5. Should the students fail to register into the bachelor programme, the 50% tuition fee made in the foundation programme is forfeited


Receipients will receiver RM6000 rebate in the form of RM1000 vourhcers to be used every semester for 6 semester (RM1000/semester).

Terms & Conditions

  1. Students need to register every semester. Postponement of semester (rebate to be brought forward) is upon the management's approval.
  2. The RM6000 rebate covers Diploma and Bachelor programmes only.

B40 Scheme

This scheme is applicable to all Diploma and Bachelor programmes except Diploma in Architecture and Bachelor of Science (Architectural Studies).

Terms & Conditions

  1. The B4 Scheme covers all Malaysian students who fall under the B40 category.
  2. The B40 Scheme covers the students’ whole programme of study. IUKL will subsidize the balance tuition fee that is not covered by the full PTPTN loan amount.
  3. Students under the B40 category must provide documented proof of them being under the B40 category. Proof can be in the form of either BR1M receipt, BHS statement, or any equivalent document (upon the consideration of the Marketing & Communication recommendation).
  4. Students that have registered under the B40 Scheme is highly subjected to their PTPTN loan amount approval. Students that register under the B40 Scheme must receive full PTPTN loan amount. The full PTPTN loan amount is subjected to PTPTN’s cross checking with LHDN in determining the students’ status of B40. In any case where students did not manage to obtain the full PTPTN amount despite having to provide proof of B40 status, the students are fully responsible to cover the balance tuition fee on their own after the deduction of PTPTN loan and IUKL’s subsidy. Example: Programme Tuition Fee: RM40,000 Full PTPTN amount: RM36,000 Students receive: RM34,000 IUKL’s subsidy: RM40,000 – RM36,000 = RM4,000 Tuition Fee that needs to be paid by students: RM36,000 – RM34,000 = RM2,000
  5. Students in this scheme must maintain GPA 2.000 and above for every long semester.
  6. Students must be registered every semester without any postponement.
  7. Students must register within the “Add and Drop” period throughout their course of study. No late registration.
  8. Students must register for a minimum of six (6) credit hours for the Short Semester and minimum twelve (12) credit hours for the long semester.
  9. Students must be free from any disciplinary case throughout their course of study.
  10. Students must achieve at least 80% class attendance for every course in the semester concerned.
  11. Students are required to make the miscellaneous fee payment for the new semester upon registration. In the case where students did not manage to obtain the full PTPTN loan amount, the students must make a minimum payment of RM1000 for every new semester registration until the balance tuition fee that needs to be covered by the students have been fully paid (miscellaneous fees to be paid latest 1 week before the exam period).
  12. If the students do not fulfil term number six (6) as stated above for any of their long semesters, the students will be fully responsible for their tuition fee payment of the following semester since PTPTN will not cover the students’ following semester tuition fee due to the unfulfillment of the GPA requirement.
  13. IUKL reserves the rights to revoke this B40 scheme and/or amend the policy and all other related policies without prior notice.