What is the rebate all about?

Why get ONE when you can have TWO?

Act fast and grab the opportunity by 1st of July to earn RM1,500 rebate when you enrol for our June 2018 intake and secure up to 50% discount when you progress to the next level.

Who are entitled to get this scholarship?

All Malaysian students registering for June 2018 intake.

How much will I get?

Student will get a rebate of RM1,500 upon sign-up for June 2018 intake and additional 30%, 40% or 50% when they progress to the next level. Example:
Mr. Ahmad is joining IUKL for Diploma in Architecture (June 2018 intake) and then progress to Bachelor’s Degree after completion of his Diploma.

Level Programme Total Tuition Fee Rebate Tuition Fee After Rebate
1 Diploma in Architecture RM41,360 (A) RM1,500 (B) RM39,860 (C)
Mr. Ahmad is entitle for maximum credit exemption of up to 36 credit hours (CH) once he progress to Bachelor’s Degree. 1 CH = RM570
36 CH x RM570 = RM20,520 (D)
2 Bachelor of Science (Architectural Studies) RM69,540 (E) 30% x (E) = RM14,706 (F) (E)–(D)–(F) = RM34,314 (G)
TOTAL (A)+(E) = RM110,900 (B)+(F)+Credit Exemption(D) = RM36,726 (C)+(G)= RM74,174

Other programmes? You do the math and let us know if it worth it!

How do I redeem this RM1,500 rebate?

Students will be given 3 cash vouchers and they can redeem only 1 voucher per semester, as below:

Semester 1 RM500 JUNE 2018
Semester 2 RM500 SEPT/OCT 2018
Semester 3 RM500 MARCH 2019


How do I apply?

This is an auto-application once you applied for enrolment for June 2018 intake.

Am I entitled for other promo/discounts from IUKL besides this scholarship?

No. Once you accept this scholarship, you will not be eligible to apply for other promotions or discounts such as tuition fee waiver offered by IUKL.

If I were given the vouchers and defers the offer to the next intake, can I still redeem the voucher?

No. The promotion is only applicable for June 2018 intake.

What else should I take note for?

  • This offer is only valid for those who progress immediately to the next intake (eg: Diploma completed on June intake, hence you need to proceed to do your Degree in the upcoming October intake.
  • This offer is valid for Malaysian students only.
  • This offer is valid until 1st July 2018.