President and Vice-Chancellor’s Message

Professor Dr. Roslan Zainal Abidin

Professor Dr. Roslan Zainal Abidin - President and Vice-Chancellor - IUKL Welcome to Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL). As the 5th President and Vice-Chancellor, I am pleased to share with you about the University. IUKL is among one of the top ranking universities in Malaysia. As you may have already noticed, we are the only Infrastructure University in Malaysia and we would like to champion ourselves in the area of Infrastructure. We believe that ‘infrastructure’ is not only restricted to buildings, construction and technologies, but also includes soft ‘infrastructure’ such as communication, language skills, commerce and information technology.

With these niche areas as our focus, we have tailored our programmes to be versatile and modern to cater to today’s challenging world. Our programmes are recognised and accredited by professional bodies in Malaysia and abroad. All our programmes are approved by the Ministry of Education Malaysia and MQA. The Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons.) and Bachelor of Electronics Engineering (Hons.) of IUKL are recognised by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) and the Washington Accord. The Washington Accord is an international agreement among bodies responsible for accrediting engineering degree programmes. All of IUKL’s engineering programmes are moderated and accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC). EAC is a delegated body by the Board of Engineers Malaysia as the only recognised accrediting body for engineering degree programmes offered in Malaysia.

Apart from these recognitions, IUKL is pushing research endeavours to greater heights by encouraging the research culture among the staff who constantly source for acclaimed research fund providers and joint ventures. IUKL has embarked on two joint researches with governmental bodies: one with the Fisheries Department of Malaysia for Scallop and Sea Cucumber Research and Farming Project. The other is with the Regional Humid Tropics Hydrology and Water Resources Centre for South-East Asia and the Pacific (HTC Kuala Lumpur) in Erosion Categorisation along the Langat River. IUKL has also set up the I-Geo Disaster Research Centre in January that focuses on ‘Slope and Landslide Risk Prediction and Management’, ‘Construction Technology Management’ and ‘Advanced Materials Technology’. With the setup of this premier research centre, IUKL aims to engineer the nation’s Research and Development diversity.

Besides that, the students and staff of IUKL are actively involved in innovation and invention competitions. IUKL has sent two teams to the International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX2012) at KLCC and both teams won gold and silver medals. Another team participated in the International Trade Fair (iENA2012) at Nuremberg, Germany and won a gold medal for their product. All these research and participation efforts are managed by IUKL’s Research Management Centre (RMC).

To further enhance our students’ learning experience, IUKL is in the midst of further physical transformation of the campus. In the blueprint of our parent company, Protasco Berhad, more modern and urban infrastructure is being put into place within the campus. The campus, Unipark Suria is poised to become an Institutional Township. Situated within the perimeters of Greater Kuala Lumpur, IUKL is strategically located between the Kuala Lumpur city, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Putrajaya, the Federal Administrative Centre of Malaysia.

At IUKL, we believe that our students should be holistically trained and be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in their careers.

As the President and Vice-Chancellor of IUKL, it is my mission to steer the university’s direction towards becoming a world renowned Infrastructure University that is aligned with our motto “For Knowledge, For Humanity”.

Lastly, our tagline, “Engineering your future” assures you that IUKL is the place to chart your future and is the place you want to be.

Professor Dr. Roslan Zainal Abidin
President and Vice-Chancellor