Explore and Experience Campus Life

Education should be an enjoyable learning experience. With a diverse student population and passionate faculties, learning is not only fun but a rewarding journey at IUKL.

Cultural Diversity & Networking

You will be exposed to diverse cultures from around the world. We have students from more than 50 different countries. This will enhance social networking in a wider context.

Academic Advisory System

Each student is assigned a lecturer as a mentor. The mentors will monitor and guide you from the beginning of your academic journey to its completion.

Student Affairs Division

The Student Affairs Division (STAD) is committed to providing students with an engaging, healthy, active learning environment during their time at IUKL.

Counselling Services

Lending a ready ear to listen and counsel, our counsellors are ever willing to meet you and provide the support you need. Read More

Campus Life Student Services

Clubs & Societies

Our wide range of clubs and societies offers something for everyone – whether you are into arts and culture, sports, music or debating, there is something which will be of interest to you. Read More

Career Development

The main aim of the IUKL Career Development unit is to help our students to identify and choose the best career optionsavailable to them. The process of career planning and development starts as early as when the student begins their programme with IUKL. Read More


Every student, from those who attended Ikram College of Technology to those who studied with Infrastructure University of Kuala Lumpur, are our alumni members. You are valued not only while you are with us as a student but also when you have successfully completed your studies and started your career. Read More


Congratulations to all graduands on your success in completing your studies at IUKL. Following is information about our past and upcoming Convocation Ceremonies. Read More